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Posca pens 2 sew textiles pastel 8 set
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Posca Paint Pens - Pastel set - 8 pens

Posca Paint Pens - Pastel set - 8 pens

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I love Posca Pens! They are a fabulous addition to any artists toolkit, but they are especially awesome for textile artists!

This set of 8 pastel colours is a fabulous starter pack!

8 x PC3M - fine bullet tip - 1.3 mm line width
8 x PC1MR - ultra fine tip - 0.7mm line width

Vivid opaque colours available in a wide variety of colours in different nib sizes, make adding colourful embellishments to your work easy and give it that unique flair.

Posca Acrylic paint markers are permanent on nearly every surface including fabric and leather.

What you need to know:

  • Water based acrylic pigment ink
  • Permanent on porous surfaces including fabric, pottery and leather
  • Removable on non-porous surfaces including glass and metal
Brand: Posca by Uni

  • non toxic - fast drying - lightfast - acid free. 
  • Colours are blendable when wet

  • add details to eyes, grass, water and fine details like feathers and fur + many more uses.
  • Store in a horizontal position
  • Always replace cap after use


Further Tips & Info: 

Tips: Tip dried out? Carefully pull out tip, turn and reinsert. Voila! You pen works again!
Replacement tips are available

Porous Surfaces: Permanent on porous surfaces including paper, cardboard, fabric, canvas, wood, unglazed terracotta, stone, some course metals, silicone style plastics and air dry clay. 

Non - Porous SurfacesEasily removable on most smooth non-porous materials such as glass, PVC plastic, smooth metals and glazed ceramics.
Permanency can be improved by application of a varnish or similar medium.