Applique Mat

Applique Mat

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Teflon Applique Non Stick Ironing sheet will protect your iron and ironing board from fusible webbing mishaps and it makes a great pressing cloth too.

Perfect for all fusible applique and sticky products

Large Applique Mat 40cm x 50cm (16" x 20" approx)

Heat Resistant - Durable light and long lasting made from Teflon

This Teflon Coated Fabric is ideal for appliques, fusible webbing, Steam a seam, etc.  
Great for fabric and just about any heat activated or glue work.


Further information:

- What is an applique mat?

This appliqué mat will protect the surface of your iron and ironing board from that sticky fusible residue as well as the item you are ironing or pressing. Use it to layout your applique.
- How do I clean my Teflon mat?
Clean the Teflon by simply rubbing over the surface to rub off the sticky substance.