Workshop in a Box - Tutor info

Workshop in a Box - Tutor Information

FAQ's - Tutor information

What is Workshop in a Box?

  • Traditional workshops are often unaffordable due to travelling, accommodation and purchase of materials.  Restriction of travel during recent times meant that tutors could not travel and people could not buy the supplies they need to create textile based art.  The Workshop in Box utilises the online community to connect people over a combined interest.

  • This is the only TEXTILE ART, physical product learning service, by subscription in the world. 

Why is this different from other online learning?

  • When textile artists, like other artists, try new techniques and want to learn different ways of doing things, they often have to heavily invest in new products that they don't really know what to do with. 
    The waste and accumulated clutter of supplies often weighs on the mental health of a crafter.

    With 2 Sews Workshop in a Box, the textile artist gets a sample of products that allows them to create and complete a set project. 

  • Many tutors teach via video or in person, and the User must provide all the supplies required themselves, often with supplies unavailable in some countries, or called by a different name. With workshop in a box, the requirements for the technique are in a kit without the user having to commit to large amounts of expensive product.   They learn in an online forum, with contact with real tutors and a like-minded community.  

Who are the makers?

  • Textile art interests both Professional artists wanting a more tactile feel, and crafters wanting a unique artistic feel. 

  • They like to connect to their community through their creativity.

  • They want to feel special.

How does Workshop in a Box work?

  • The workshop in a box is an affordable product.
  • Each box will be unique!
  • Boxes will contain a small / sample sized kit. 
  • Online learning, utilising the delivered physical kit provided, with community support from myself and the Host tutor via the FB private FB group.

How does the online learning work?

  • Electronic class lessons will be loaded into a learning platform which subscribers will get a code to access. It will also be "launched" in the exclusive FB group.  It will remain in the FB group for 6 months (TBC)

  • Lessons can be pre-recorded or taped via FB live, with an overlaying program called Streamyard.
  • Streamyard allows multiple cameras, desktop screens and multiple people to be viewed and converse. Myself and the Tutor will be in the live together and I will be presenting viewers questions to the tutor.

  • .pdf files, will not be provided to the makers unless requested by the tutor.
  • Ideally lessons would be broken into units.  Duration 20-1hr in length each.  How long the online workshop is, is up to the hosting tutor, but it would be expected that a minimum of 1-1.5 hrs would be required.

  • Lessons would include
    • a discussion of the materials in the kit
    • reasons why the tutor uses those materials. 
    • Discussion of alternatives, pros & cons etc.

  • Makers will connect with each other in the FB group.

  • They will share their makes, ask questions, get help etc

  • 2 Sew Textiles will manage the FB group and address many of the questions from the makers.

  • Hosts will be required to 'get social' in the group.

  • A small project will be suggested with each box.  These are to encourage the makers to finish an article that incorporates the learned techniques and lessons.

What is the Host's (tutors) responsibilities in the FB group?

  • Workshop in a Box hosts will be requested to join the Exclusive FB group and "visit" the group at least once a week for a period of 2 months to answer any queries, give 'high-fives' & congratulations to the makers.

  • Hosts are required to encompass a 'community' feel and help the makers feel special by positive feedback.

  • It is 2 Sew's endeavour to foster a familiarity between the makers and the tutors.  It would be fabulous if the host would do a LIVE, casual presentation in the group.  This is not a learning 'live' but could be a studio tour, a walk around your farm, a close-up look at your work or a casual Q&A.  

How much will tutors get paid for hosting a month?

  • Let's discuss that further and come up with a mutually beneficial arrangement.
  • Keep in mind that the Workshop in a Box system is aimed as an affordable recurring option for makers, however, online learning can be taught to larger audiences.
  • Kits can be supplied by tutors. 
  • Kits supplied by the tutors will need to be separated ready to be put in the box. (ie: the tutor is responsible for seperating supplies and cutting yardage)
  • Postage for kits supplied to 2 Sew Textiles is at the tutors expense.

Are there any restrictions in working with 2 Sew's Workshop in a Box?

  • We are working hard to create a fabulous learning environment seeded from a unique idea by 2 Sew Textiles.
    • we require you to keep our information and discussions private.
    • In addition, if you host a Workshop in a box, then we require that you do not work with another Australasian subscription kit based  learning environment for a period of 2 years.
      • Don't worry... currently we are the ONLY system of this kind for Textile art, art quilting and fibre art.
  • Thanks for understanding and for making our makers feel that exclusive kind of special !

Whats in the kit?

  • The kits will contain printed instructions, a small kit of tools, instructions for an easy project and materials.
  • The kit boxes will contain the 'necessary' items, like a brayer, ink or lino carving tool.
  • The hosting artist can put in business cards with social media links and teaching schedules.
  • The kits will be filled by 2 Sew Textiles in Australia and posted to the makers.
  • There are 2 options for Hosts regarding the kits:
    • It is envisaged that due to postage, International tutors will just supply a list of requirements and 2 Sew Textiles will supply the sample kit
    • Tutors can elect to supply kits 

    What do tutors need to provide?

    • Electronic lessons
      • pre-recorded or
      • a hosted live session
    • Instructions
    • Materials list 
    • Bio, photo & social media links
    • Optional: affirmation card saying and artwork to be featured
    • Live "get to know the tutor" session in FB
    • FB socialising
    • Ideas for a project.
    • An assurance that they will not work with another Australasian Subscription kit based learning system. 
      • Don't worry.. we are the only one, but we would like to be protected if everyone thinks we have a winning idea!

    Are the tutors required to fill a workshop?

    • No - 2 Sew Textiles will do that.
      • although, it always helps when a tutor promotes as well

    Are tutors solely responsible for responding to makers in the FB group?

    • No - 2 Sew Textiles will do that.
      • although, it always helps when a tutor is involved with commenting and answering queries with their workshop participants.

    How many participants will I be teaching?

    • At the moment we expect their will be a minimum of 20 participants
      • unsold boxes will be offered for sale as standalone options
    • We are aiming high !
      • we hope to gain subscribers very quickly.

    What is the timeframe when hosting a month for Workshop in a Box?

    • Kits for Workshop in a Box will be posted the first week of every month.
    • Images, Materials and information to be incorporated for the Kit & lessons need to be provide the in the 1st weeks of the month prior.
    • Electronic lessons can be provided up to the 4th week before the hosted month.
    • Electronic lessons provided 'Live' will be filmed in the 2nd week of the month being hosted.

    I'm a tutor and I'm not sure I am the right fit?

    Brenda is very inventive!
    If you want to be involved, we can make it happen. Just get in touch.

    I have more questions what do I do : 

    No problem, just send me an email here: or call me on

    0422 598 175 any except Saturdays.. (I'm still an avid sports fan if my kids are on the field!)

    Who is Brenda Wood and 2 Sew Textiles?

    Brenda Wood is an established Australian textile artist. She has in-depth knowledge of many fibre art techniques and freely gives information and value about her art practices, but chooses to facilitate learning in others, rather than teaching it herself.

    2 Sew Textiles is an online business started by Brenda when she was presented with the opportunity of bringing Quilt patterns and products to the web, by makers who have no online presence of their own. The arrangements between 2 Sew and its designers are founded on trust, respect and good communication.

    2 Sew began in 2015 and has been providing an additional income for designers ever since.

    Brenda formed the FB group Textile Art Collective, which now boasts over 50K members in an inclusive sharing, non judgemental environment.

    Brenda is launching the Workshop in a Box to have a business that is close to her heart.