A NEW way of learning for every Textile & Quilt Artist

Want to try new techniques without spending a fortune on supplies ?

I hear you! I've been a textile artist for nearly 20 years and my cupboards are full of "stuff" I don't use.  This new learning system, sends you only what you need to learn a new technique & lets you work at home & pull from your stash.

The first boxes will be shipped in the first week of June!  so sign up & get ready for the postman to come knocking...

Brenda Wood - Textile Artist


But for now here's the idea behind what we are creating...

Workshops are often unaffordable.  Travelling, Accommodation & purchase of materials all add up.   The Workshop in a Box system, brings a complete learning outcome to your door and utilises the online community to connect you with people over a combined interest.  All at an affordable price.

We are opening the doors to an exclusive few while we build momentum

Click on the image below to get workshopping: 

But isn't all online learning the same?  NO !

Many tutors teach via video or in person, but they lack the community that we love when attending workshops.

Together we are better and so we have created a FB community where we learn, play, challenge and support each other.

Plus we send you a taster kit to help create your project. It makes every month a gift!

Do I really need more 'Stuff' in my life?

When we try new techniques and want to learn different ways of doing things, we often have to heavily invest in new products that we don't really know what to do with, it can feel overwhelming.
Many textile artists have cupboards full of paints, fabric pens pencils, thread, materials and other supplies that they have purchased for a workshop then never used again. 
The waste and accumulated clutter of supplies often weighs on our mental health.

But with 2 Sews Workshop in a Box, you only get a sample of products that allow you to create & complete a set project, while supplementing from your own stash.  You can then decide if you wish to invest in further supplies for that technique or not.

Do you want to know how it works?

In the first week of each month, we will send you out a taster kit, with the main ingredients to create a project with a new textile technique.
You will need to supplement the contents with items that you will probably have in your stash, like scissors, fabric and wadding etc.

Then, in the 2nd week of the month, we will unbox live and discuss the contents & project in detail.

The online learning will begin.  This will be either pre-recorded, or live with replay available.  You will get feedback throughout the month on your creations & help with any questions.

The 3rd week of the month will find us visiting with the tutor in a live get to know her session... 
This may be a studio tour, a discussion of her art or we might join her in a walk around her backyard or down at the beach. This is going to be fun!

In 2021, December's box will be a gift box.  Full of artist and indie designers goodies, that you can either keep or gift.

 Sounds good doesn't it !

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